Our Awesome Learning Center

Growth Spurts Is Where Your Child Can Have A Healthy Wholesome Growth Spurt!.


This group begins at 6 weeks - 12 months old. Welcome to a daily routine. This class learns how to sit up, crawl, and walk. They also learn how to eat solid foods and feed themselves at the appropriate time. Lots of cuddles and songs are sung in this class.


Yes, the toddlers are walking and learning to run and jump. Potty training takes place at this stage of development and circle time which includes singing our favorite songs, reading, learning shapes and colors and recognizing our pictures is social and learning time. In this program children begin to enjoy reading and library time by picking out books. They are encouraged to use an eating utensil instead of their hands and we use big kid cups instead of sippy cups.


The preschool portion of our learning center is where the children begin to gain essential skills for school, such as recognizing their names, colors, numbers through 20 and alphabets. They learn how to stand in line and communicate using their words instead of simple gestures.

School Age

Before and aftercare are provided for school aged children ranging from ages 3 to 12 years. This program includes transportation to and from school, homework assistants, afternoon snack as well as arts and crafts and exploration time. During the winter, spring and summer breaks this program becomes a camp where educational field trips and camp activities fill the days of our school aged children. Our children are also exposed to beginner sign language and spanish.

Growth Spurts News

Our children are happy, learning and growing everyday. We want our children to be recognized for their achievements and parents to be informed. .



Every month a newsletter is given to the parents so that they will be informed of what's been happening at the individual centers. This includes student accomplishments, updates, and upcoming events.